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Techno-marketing of cement, concrete, admixtures and equipment

 Dr J D Bapat, consultant, started in his career in 1975 at the National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB), New Delhi (India), an apex body of the Government of India engaged in testing, training, research and development and consultancy in cement and concrete. He worked there for 16 years and rose to very senior positions of Unit Head and the Programme Leader. Later he joined Walchandnagar Industries Limited (WIL), Walchandnagar (India). There he received valuable experience in designing, costing and marketing of modern cement plants. In the year 1994 he joined academics but continued his association with the cement industry and also his research in cement and concrete, through consultancy work. He was engaged in product development and techno-marketing of cement manufactured by reputed cement companies. In this period, he also organized and  participated in number of national and international conferences and published research papers in international journals. He also advises reputed ISO certification agency during the audit at cement plants. He taught the subject of concrete technology, at the Civil Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, as a visiting professor.

His book: “Mineral Admixtures in Cement and Concrete” has been published by CRC Press, USA, highly reputed international publisher.

Dr Bapat's experience covers the full spectrum of cement manufacturing and utilisation.
Techno-marketing of cement, concrete, chemical and mineral admixtures and equipment:

             During the course of his career, spanning almost four decades, Dr Bapat traveled almost all major cement plants in the country. He also got an opportunity to see some modern cement plants and a leading cement research institute in Germany. He is well conversant with the details of cement manufacturing process, starting from raw materials preparation up to packing and dispatch of cement.

             Dr Bapat is extensively involved in the research activities on concrete, particularly application of mineral and chemical admixtures in cement and concrete. Professionally he is well connected with the professionals in the field, through his active involvement in the activities of Indian Concrete Institute and the Institution of Engineers (India) and through his professional network on Linkedin.

             Dr Bapat has served as consultant for techno-marketing for some leading companies.  

Specific services: 

With his knowledge and experience, consultant Bapat can provide the following techno-marketing services for cement, concrete, chemical and mineral admixtures, related equipment, including new promising technologies:
  • Preparation of techno-marketing brochures and handouts highlighting the technical advantages of the product
  • Making technical presentations to core customers or specific groups comprising of consultants, users, suppliers. 
  • Writing technical papers in the seminars and journals about the characteristics and applications of the product to create awareness and increase the acceptability of the product 
  • Writing technical blogs with website access

Dr J D Bapat's website

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